Established in 1997, Jaguar experienced rapid business growth and built up a well-respected reputation among the international logistics and local transport communities.

Jaguar was focus for sea and custom clearance service when it was opened in 1997, Jaguar grow up and has to set up more services in after 15 years, Now we have the service include Air , Reefer cargo, we have set up the Transport team for Hong Kong local and China service. We also set up two warehouses at Kowloon and countryside to match different cargo, like logistics re-pack, save cargo etc.
About the sea service, we had focus the FOB service when we opened in 1997, now our sea service became consolidation service and the shipments over in 100 different ports and inland points in worldwide.
About the custom clearance also grow up to project cargo department for any big project cargo or shipments.
Basie the Exhibition grown up in Hong Kong market, we start the Exhibition service from the year of 2007, we have good operation with our Transport team to attention for the Exhibition goods to send or pick out on specified time. We have got good experiences and receive appreciations from the customers.
In these 15 years, we have build up our services, we also to opened 9 branches office in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Taichung, Taiwan and first oversea offices in Penang, Malaysia. These branches office are helpful for us to provide the service to our customer at more countries and different area.