Exhibition Cargo Management


Hong Kong is the leading capital of trade fairs, various types of trade promotion events are held in Hong Kong every year. Pinpointing our clients' wants, we've tailor-make our total-logistic solution to their exhibition logistics needs. Make use of our international agency network, local trucking team and warehouse, we could arrange the pick up and delivery service. Besides, we offer packaging and custom broker service base on clients' request.

About our department of Exhibition are professional on operation for transport service for any exhibition at Hong Kong,
we have superiority that we have the transport team, own trucks and own warehouse, these are good competition to 
flexible to control the matter when the exhibition goods into the exhibition place.
Our transport could pick the exhibtion goods at your place before one day or three days of begin exhibitioin,
the important that storage is free. For return the exhibition goods that we could arrange send back to you after the day
of end exhibition, this work style are welcome and good comment by our customers.