Jaguar migration service

Jaguar Logistics Co., Ltd. now provides preferential prices for overseas immigrants from Hong Kong warehouses to major cities in the UK

The standard prices of Door to Port are as follows:

  22 boxes or less ≈ 1.77CBM                                 HKD10300
33boxes or less ≈ 2.66CBM                                 HKD13300
   55 boxes or less ≈ 4.43CBM                                    HKD20400
66 boxes or less ≈ 5.32CBM                                 HKD24150
77boxes or less ≈ 6.20CBM         HKD25800
  • The above price has included the cost of delivering the cartons, adhesive tape and BUBBLE paper to the door once, and receiving the goods to the UK warehouse and customs clearance once.               
  • The valid period of above price is 28/2/2021